Have you ever felt that you were going through life and things just “happened” to you? You were in a constant state of reaction. Dr. Nick Castellano takes you through his journey of awakening where he stopped reacting, and started creating.

By the Study of Conventional Science, Quantum Physics, Neuro-Science, and key Greek and Hebrew translations of the Truth Dr Castellano uncovers:

  • How to create with faith
  • Finding your purpose
  • Why being in the “NOW” is so important
  • Where traditional thought patterns lead us astray

For forty years, things just “happened” to me. A situation would occur; I would react to it and then choose a proper course based on what happened. Sometimes good things happened; sometimes bad things happened. I simply lived with the results.

One spring day in Mesa, Arizona, I decided to create my day. I would happen to my environment rather than letting the environment happen to me. I was inspired by my pastor’s teachings and books on quantum physics that I was reading.

That morning, I made a list of everything I was grateful for and I focused on the gifts I had been given to steward over: family, pastors, friends, house, car, etc. I felt grateful and thanked God for all
He had entrusted to me. (Philippians 4:4) I was in joy, peace, and love—surrounded by this environment I had created.

Now that I had established the right environment (gratitude), I began to create my day. I told the day what it would yield for me and I saw it done in my mind’s eye. I also felt the feelings “as if it were done.” I saw myself as a millionaire.

Later that day, a stock I had received three years earlier for a product I helped create went public. The stock opened at $5 per share and went to $7 by the end of day. I owned 500,000 shares of this stock. I was a millionaire several times over in one day.

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6 Responses

  • R:

    I just read the first chapter of your book and all I can say is… AWESOME! It is truly inspiring and made me think and quite honestly, it spoke to me. I have been having a hard time lately with negativity and feeling bad about myself on so many levels (weight, money, school, you know the drill), and reading the first chapter of the book made me feel, well better and hopeful. It gives you tools and guidelines to accomplish this peace and understanding, and sometimes, especially when you already have the core fundamentals, the “nudge” is all you need.
    I also printed the chapter for one of the boys in my room, he is struggling with many things, he is in the shelter, his mom does not want him, he is on probation, etc. He is reading it now. Him and I have had many “God” discussions, hopefully this will add to his believing in God and in himself. He fashions himself a philospher, rapper, type. He just finished , he said it is “vicious” (that’s a good thing)

    Anyway, you lifted my day, made me think and made me feel better about things, and myself, thank you.

  • AM:

    “AWESOME” You took me back to school man!! It is interesting how God confirms His word.

  • A.C.:

    Your book is riveting! thank you for the work of writing it. Just bought 4 more for others that want it.

  • Anthony Ricciardelli:

    My father had given me this book a couple weeks prior and had mentioned some things about it which sparked my interest. Previously, I had been leading a good life, but not a great life. Simply put, my walk with God had been average at best and I was not aligning life’s priorities properly. I needed a recharge and something to fill the ‘gap’.

    On a flight home from a business trip in Orlando, I had more than enough time to knock this book out. As I began to read, just as directed, I opened my mind to any and all possibilities. I wanted to soak up anything the book gave me and would mentally digest the details later. In the first hours there were instant moments where I became overwhelmed by emotion. The blinders had been peeled off my eyes and I could see the specific areas of my life where I had began to stray far away from my purpose. The book not only teaches you to be aware of these things, but it also challenges you to get back on track. What are you going to do about the things going on in your life? Good or bad – get God involved. Why am I here and what am I to do? This is a simple question we all ask ourselves beginning at a very young age. In this book you’ll find training on how to possibly understand and identify your real purpose. The journey finding it can even be the best part. In the end, we all have room in our lives to utilize the tools in front of us. If you are looking to lead a life of purpose, this book could be the tool you’re looking for. I recently have read the book a couple times over and taking notes. I recommend this book to anyone no matter where you are in your walk.

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About the Author

Dr. Nick Castellano

Dr. Nick Castellano is passionate about each individual finding their “why” and their God-given purpose in life. He is recognized as an implementer of ideas and strategies and has been instrumental in the startup of more than 400 businesses. He is the director of Business Mentorship International (BMI), a mentoring program that offers how-to’s for owners of businesses at all stages of development.

With a master’s degree in biochemistry and ten years as an instructor of nuclear power chemistry for the U.S. Navy, Nick knows he has a unique ability to breakdown complex issues into understandable language for all to comprehend.

He is presently the creator of four patents and works worldwide in the oil and water industry, and is a Life Coach for professional athletes and their families. He is very passionate about getting others on purpose and for this reason he is a highly sought after speaker, coach, and consultant for businesses, conferences, and churches.

He resides in the Phoenix area with his wife, Michele, and their two sons. Together they empower people everywhere “on purpose.”